Nvee Pro E-Liquid Vape Juice (Menthol)


We all know what to expect when we say menthol, that wonderful smooth, minty cold, fresh sensation from every inhale of the vape. Whether you were previously a menthol cigarette smoker or smoked a traditional flavour. Tobacco menthol is definitely worth a try. One of our most popular flavours. Available in different strengths and also our much raved about Bionic version which has no nicotine but a chemical creation to leave you feeling just the same. No addiction to nicotine with this one so vape, vape, vape.

Nvee Pro E-Liquid Vape Juice (Menthol)
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1 x 10ml bottle of NVee Menthol e-liquid

• Nozzle width: 0.8mm

• Nicotine type available: free-based and salt-based

• Made in the UK with the quality ingredients and highest grade nicotine.

Must not be sold to persons under 18.

Not recommended for use by non-smokers or non-nicotine users.

What concentration nicotine should I use?

• The nicotine strength listed for e-liquids is the number of milligrams of nicotine per millilitre in a bottle. That means a 10ml bottle of 6mg nicotine e-liquid would have 60mg of nicotine (6mg x 10ml).

• If you smoke regular cigarettes, there is approximately 1.2mg of nicotine in each cigarette or 24mg of nicotine per pack (1.2mg x 20 cigarettes).

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Nicotine Strenght

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